“THE ABIDING PRESENCE” Internet radio show is a way of helping people who wish to enrich their relationship with God, along with being able to enjoy God’s grace through the power of praying to heal. With the radio show broadcasting 24/7, this is going to make it available to all who make a simple choice to take that step into the natural, otherwise know as the spirit world. Times like we live in today can be taxing on a person’s heart and mind. It is very easy to become discouraged and actually start to feel alone and unnoticed by Jesus. One of the cornerstones of this new and very exciting radio show is the insight of Jim Hockaday and his ability to articulate the message of God’s Grace and the work of the Holy Spirit for all to embrace and experience. We here at “THE ABIDING PRESENCE” invite you to look around the shows web site. Check back soon and start preparing to enjoy God’s grace and witness the power of the Holy Spirit as we learn about and enjoy God’s love for us all.

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